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How To Teach A Dog To Heel/Fuss

Walking is extremely beneficial for your dog and for you! Most dogs are not born knowing the proper way to follow or Fuss/Heel while going on a walk. It is up to us to teach them this valuable skill which makes everyone happier and healthier in the long run!

What Does Heel Mean?

The command or skill "Heel or Fuss" simply means that the dog must walk directly next to you instead of behind or in front of you. When dog is required to keep pace with you. Only stopping when you stop and walking when you walk.

How Do I Know If My Puppy Still Needs to Learn This Skill?

You know you need to add this to your to do list if when you take your dog for a walk however, you feel as if the dog is walking you! If your dog is constantly pulling and tugging you in every direction it needs training. This skill helps you acknowledge that you are in charge the walk and you are Alpha in the pack. If you ever intend to walk your dog off of the leash, this is a must have skill. Try using dog treats for you're heeling training. They will get the dog to adhere to the training quickly.